Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Don't mention the C-word!

Don't say it... 
The C- word... you know... Christmas 
Oh OK... as it is now December, you can say it!

No one is allowed to mention the C-word until December. I don't understand people who go crazy in November... seriously people.... get a grip!
It bugs me that the shops put Christmas stuff out in September when it's still sunny and warm (usually!)

We don't do Christmas in a big way at all. We'll go and dig the tree up around the 21st or something this year I expect. 
We usually get a big real tree that goes in the hallway by the stairs.
One year we didn't get a tree or do Christmas so I dug out my horrible little artificial tree from when I was at uni and set it up in the hallway where the tree usually goes. It looked pathetic at about only 3 foot high when we usually have a huge tree! but it was quite funny! That year I also got a "Happy un-Christmas" card from my best friend.

Mother's birthday is on Christmas Eve so it's pretty rubbish and very stressful for her! I always threaten to buy her a pair of boots or something and give her one on her birthday and make her wait until Christmas Day for the other! My best friend has actually done this to her mum whose birthday is on the 17th December haha!!

Every year, I put antlers on the horses' bridles which amuses me and makes people laugh at them when we're out and about!
They are good for getting traffic to slow down as well!
Fern the reindeer
BH competing in a Christmas gymkhana
Last year was our first Christmas with the dogs so they got a Santa outfit and a reindeer outfit. This year they have got actual Christmas jumpers that I found in Peacocks! I was looking for an outfit for a posh dinner but came home with just these instead!
Christmas jumpers! 
She hates it
Christmas Eve this year will be spent (weather permitting) riding the horses and walking the dogs. 
Late afternoon on Christmas Eve there is a carol service in one of the churches in town. It is not a religious service and it is just a really good sing song! It is so popular, you have to get there about an hour early to bag some seats!

We have a bit of a get together at our house on Christmas Eve with all of the neighbours and we get very er... merry(!!) There are only about 6 houses in the hamlet we live in so it's nice to get everyone together. We'll cook a big lasagne or something and obviously there will be a selection of delicious puddings!

House in the nearby village. He raises thousands for charity each year doing this.

Christmas Day will be like any other day. I'll get up and go and feed the animals and ride the horses. Weather dependent, I might go to the beach but I imagine it will be far too busy and I will just go a different route instead!

Bh with lights in his mane and all dressed up.
We will try and take the doggies for a nice walk somewhere. If I can get the horses ridden in time, it would be nice to go up on the moors but we shall have to see!

Mother and I are off to a local hotel for Christmas dinner this year. We went last year as it was just the two of us and it was amazing! 7 courses or something ridiculous and only £30 a head!

We are very much looking forward to that again this year! Mother has declared in an exasperated manner that she cannot go all day on Christmas Day without drinking (I know...) so that means I will be driving.

We will probably open our presents when we get back from dinner as I suspect we will probably be busy running round feeding the animals and getting clean and ready to go out for dinner beforehand!

Boxing Day will hopefully be bright and lovely and I will go hunting for the day. We meet in the town centre and I usually go crazy and put fairy lights in Fern's mane as well as her wearing her antlers. I don't rate tinsel unfortunately. It looks naf and the colour comes out when the horse sweats (as I have discovered in the past - oooops!)

We don't get into Christmas too much and there's no Christmas spirit in our household (except the alcoholic variety of course!)

We will snooze in front of the fire and watch trashy telly but that is probably only because there's nothing else to do and we don't want to disturb our friends when they're spending the day with their families haha!

Do you go crazy for Christmas?? 

Bah Humbug!


  1. Loving the antlers on Fern! That's fab! :-) xx

  2. Thanks! Their faces fall every year when i get them out but they are so amusing! I have got a jingly hat as well but they are scared of the noise! x