Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Pictures from my iPhone

I've been taking quite a few pictures on my phone whilst I've been out and about recently so I thought I'd share some of them here!

Tree in the garden that looks like it might not last much longer!

Leaves in the garden. 

Pretty leaves and scruffy dog

Lovely autumnal colours in the garden

The pond in late afternoon sun

Ombre tree in the garden

I don't even know...

This dog is weird

Brother's car in Hope Cove - Dad and I borrowed it

Hacking down our lane

Lovely crisp morning on a bridleway

Stream crossing ahead!

Nice horse, nice view!

Can't beat a crisp winter morning ride!

Woodland dog walk

River in the late afternoon sun on our woodland dog walk

Reflection in the river on our woodland dog walk.

Health and Safety?! This is how we do it in Devon!!

House in the village. Raises hundreds for charity every year.

Spot the pathetic dog...

The view from our barn at work. Not bad... not bad!

This dog has no respect for my personal space...

Office dogs under the desk.

Really bright moon

Cat pretending to be a dog...

The dogs are terrified of this!

First Aga fatality of the season. Very well roasted vegetables!

Beautiful December sunrise

Stunning December sunrise over the horses' field.


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  1. Lovely photos! x