Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A Stunning Weekend in Devonshire

Wasn't the weather at the weekend just amazing?

Now... You may or may not know that I go hunting. I'm not a savage and I'm definitely not a stuck up snob which hunters/horse riders are so often perceived as.

I'm not going to get into a debate about it as everyone is entitled to their opinions.

For me, I only go to be able to ride on land I would never normally be allowed to. The riding round here is not very good totally crap so it is nice to be able to have a blast on your horse and a great day out with your mates. 

This season, I have been out several times on Dartmoor with a different hunt and I'm loving it. I've only ridden on Dartmoor a couple of times before and it is the most beautiful place to be and seeing it from the back of a horse is really spectacular. 

I'd be too worried about going up there alone so going with people who know the lie of the land is great so I feel more confident about going up there in future.

I won't mention the time I got left behind and ended up in a bog.... ooops! 

Anyway... here's some pictures of my day on Saturday. I missed taking a picture of a really really stunning view as we were moving too quickly and there wasn't time to rummage about for my phone.

Dartmoor selfie!
Confused selfie...
I could see the sea all round from Torbay to Plymouth

On top of the world!

I accosted some walkers who had just hiked up here to get a photo of me and Fern with the view

Then on Sunday, we took the dogs to the beach and I just had to get a couple of photos from a viewpoint up on the coast path!

Burgh Island
Bantham Beach
It is weekends like this that make me feel so lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the country!

What did you get up to at the weekend?



  1. Ooh, lovely. What great way to spend a day and what beautiful scenery for a hunt. Sadly the weather wasn't nearly so nice here, though my brother and I were able to take our dogs out for a walk together in the woods. Such a nice thing to do as they rarely ever see each other! X

  2. You picked a CRACKING day for the moors! It's been quite beautiful a lot lately, I'm scared to mention it in case I frighten it away before our own moorland jaunt. Sorry if it rains then, I'll take full responsibility.
    M x