Friday, 30 January 2015

Lego Lost at Sea

One story that has really interested me recently is one of little pieces of Lego washing up all round the coast of (mostly) Cornwall and Devon.

Back in 1997 a container ship called the Tokio Express, on route from Rotterdam to New York was hit by a rogue wave about 20 miles off Land's End that rolled it 60 degrees one way and then 40 degrees the other. 
62 containers (you know the ones that are the size of a lorry?) fell off the ship into the sea.

One of these containers contained nearly 5 MILLION bits of Lego. It just happened to be a lot of sea adventure themed Lego as well!
Among the pieces were 418,000 swimming flippers, 97,500 scuba tanks, 26,600 life preservers, 13,000 spear guns, and 4,200 octopuses. Sea grass, cutlasses and dragons were also lost (source)

Since the accident, bits of Lego have been washing up all along the coastline and some pieces have been found as far away as America and the Netherlands.

You can follow their Facebook page set up by a lady called Tracey Williams who is a beachcomber who started to find the Lego washing up on her local beaches.
It seems from looking through the posts that finding an octopus or a dragon (especially a green one) is a real treasure!

I'll definitely be paying more attention when I'm walking on the beach from now on. How exciting to find a bit of Lego that has been floating around the ocean for nearly 20 years!


  1. I love this story, I keep looking out for bits when I'm down in Cornwall but as yet, I've not found any! :-) xx

  2. I've never heard this story! But it's making me want to spend a lot more time by the waters' edge. No bad thing!
    M x