Saturday, 17 January 2015

Westcountry Walkies - The Beach!

The dogs' absolute favourite place to go for a walk is the beach. They run as fast as they possibly can, dibble about in rock pools and dig for treasure in the sand.

I think it must be the springiness of the sand that makes them love to run so much because they never go so fast on field walks!

Dogs are restricted on our local beach during the summer but in the winter, we're regular visitors!
There is a beach about 20 minutes drive away that dogs are allowed on all year round so we spend a lot of time there in the summer!

Both beaches are right on the South West Coast Path so if we ever fancy extending the walk or doing a different route, we can walk a bit of the coast path and usually loop back to the beach.

In the summer, Mother and I did some lovely evening walks down at Wonwell beach and even had a BBQ one evening. Loooovely!

I have been for a couple of walks with Michelle from Life Outside London and introduced her to the lovely Wonwell beach. Pete, Betty, Monty and Dixie have a lovely time racing about!

We're very lucky to have these wonderful spaces to use and enjoy.


  1. Oh how lovely, it's great to have an unrestricted beach not too far away. That second picture is adorable, that's a happy dog!

    Sadly we've got an hour's drive across the moors before Woof can play on a beach so he's only been once. Its such a shame as it's great fun!

  2. I am originally from the Midlands so we weren't able to go to the beach. The moor is a great place to have so close though, it would make a trip to the beach extra special! x

  3. It is indeed, I love the barren, windswept beauty of the moors... It's my favourite type of scenery. Though it would be fun to be closer to the sea. Woof's not too fussed as long as he can get thoroughly mucky!