Monday, 12 January 2015

Westcountry Walkies - The Coast Path!

The South West Coast Path is what is says on the tin... a path that runs the coast of the South West from Minehead in Somerset, all round the tip of the country and back up to Poole in Dorset. It is around 630 miles long.

There is a section near us that it absolutely stunning. You walk so close to the edge of the cliffs it's a little scary and I'm always keeping the dogs away from the edge!

Before we got the dogs, I had never walked much of the path and I popped up to Bolberry Down one day with the dogs and decided to follow the path to the right of the car park and wow... Stunning views and a lovely walk. 
There are often sheep grazing in the fields which means the dogs have to stay on their leads. I have been up a few times when there was no livestock and the dogs were able to have a good blast.

The path I took went round Bolt Tail (the left hand path goes to Bolt Head and Salcombe).

Looking towards Bolt Head and Salcombe
At first, you just walk a neat path round the edge of a field along the cliff top but for me, the best bit is going through a gate and beginning to head down the hill. You can see for miles. I'm fairly sure you can see parts of Cornwall on a clear day. 

Looking towards Bolt Tail and Cornwall!
The path leads down to the beautiful village of Hope Cove and it is just such a lovely walk. The views across the bay and Burgh Island etc. are just amazing.

Selfie with the hounds
I don't go all the way down to the village but I might do one day as there's a great place that does the best cream teas there - my only concern would be that I'd be too full to walk back up the hill!

I haven't been up there for months as it's always packed in the summer so it's definitely on my list to get back up there with my camera soon!



  1. Erm, is it better than MY bit of the coast path though? Coast path off?
    M x

  2. Ooooh, I feel another dog walk coming on! We could do a bit near you and go to the Berry Head Hotel for refreshments... lovely hotel with a good view as well! xx

  3. YES!!! That's a brilliant idea!
    Are they dog friendly?? I'm on it.
    M x

  4. They are dog friendly! Can you work out a walk near there or we can just do the headland or something. Maybe not as many as 8 miles - my dogs only have little legs! x