Friday, 9 January 2015

Westcountry Walkies - The War Horse House

It's January and life is back to normality now everyone is back and work and back into routine. I just need to get back in the habit of getting out of bed before 9am!

Over the Christmas holidays, we were able to take the dogs out for some lovely walks and they really enjoyed having lots of longer walks and going to places we haven't been for a while.

We have been to Dartmoor, the beach, the coast path and the woods.

When we went to Dartmoor, we chose a day when it was hail showers and pretty miserable! We drove to Sheepstor and walked to the house where they filmed War Horse. 

It's a lovely easy walk from the car park along the track they made to allow the lorries and film crew to get to the house. The track is not in very good condition now and has some sizeable holes and puddles!

The walk from the car park is about a mile and you can see the house come into view as you round a corner on the path. 
It doesn't look anything much but when you get up close, you can see the resemblance to the film.

As it was depicted in the film (source)
They had to restore the house back to how it looked originally when they had finished filming so it is just a deserted stone house with boarded up windows.

Dartmoor is very bleak on a dull day so the house looked very sad. It is fun imagining how it would have been when people lived there and farmed the land.

I have taken part in a couple of rides on Dartmoor past this house and there isn't another property for miles! It must have been very hard living and working there.

I took my new camera lens I got for Christmas out and got some nice pictures.

I've also included some other pictures from other times we've been up there either on horseback or with the dogs.



  1. Great snaps madam. Can we do this together soon? Merci buckets.
    M x

  2. Yes please! It's a lovely walk and the hounds will love it! Let's pick a nice day soon! x