Friday, 30 January 2015

Westcountry Walkies - The Woods!

A nice change of walk for humans and dogs is going to the woods.

There are a couple of woods not too far away that we are able to walk in and the dogs really enjoy a change. 
The woods is definitely more of a sniffing (for the dogs obv... not me!) walk rather than a racing about walk although there is sometimes a good chase or a bit of hide and seek.

One of the woods is managed by The Woodland Trust and they have lots of places to walk and some are even horse friendly - winner!

The Woodland Trust wood nearby is not very old and when I was younger and the trees were only about 3 foot high, my friends and I used to jump them on our horses and make up little courses. Sadly the trees are much too big for jumping now but it is still a lovely place to be able to ride in.

There is a little woods right on the edge of our local town which is perfect for a quick walk if we're popping into town for some supplies anyway. It is quite steep so is good exercise and a lap of the woods takes about 20 minutes (or longer if every tree and leaf has to be sniffed by the dogs or we meet other people and dogs!)

The other woods we like to visit are in Plymouth. There's a really lovely (but busy) area near Plympton along the old railway line. The river runs through the woods so the dogs can play in the water as much as they like and have a really good tear about.

There is another wood near Plympton called Cann Woods which are very popular but are quite a trek from our house so I've only been there a couple of times.

Cann Woods

Cann Woods

Check out your local Woodland Trust sites and go and explore!


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