Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Cake by post!

The Cake Nest *
Recently, I was contacted by Abi and Steve from The Cake Nest asking if I would like to try a sample of their cake. Now who would say no to such a kind offer?!

They wanted to offer me the chance to try their product again and a couple of days later, a little brown box arrived in the post. How exciting!

Before I tried the cake, I had the chance to look through their new website which is full of information, and their Facebook page which also shows how much time and effort goes into their products.
You can really tell how much their business means to them and how proud they are of it - and rightly so.

All of their products are made by hand on their premises and they offer a range of delicious goodies from cake balls, push pops, a "Cake Slice Club" to cake cards and personalised "Say it with Cake".

Abi and Steve kindly sent me a slice of their double chocolate cake. It comes wrapped and in a perfectly sized cardboard box that will fit through a letterbox easily. 

On Sunday morning, I was roped in to lugging wood and moving hay bales around before  heading out in the trailer to meet a friend for a ride at the beach and when I got back, I was tired, peckish and in desperate need of a cup of tea! 
Nothing goes better with tea than a nice slice of cake so I made a brew and sat in the conservatory with 2 hopeful looking dogs to get the last little bit of late afternoon daylight.

Sunday was such a beautiful day and it really felt like spring and summer are just around the corner at last!

The cake was so welcome and it tasted fantastic. It was fresh, moist and a great flavour. Not so overpowering that you feel sick and definitely not skimping on the chocolate taste!
It was also the perfect sized slice so you get a real treat without feeling short changed or really full.

It was just right to go with my cuppa after a busy day!
Afterwards, I was refreshed, refuelled ready to go back outside and finish the cleaning and feeding.

Having told a few friends about the company, they all thought it was a fantastic idea to be able to send something thoughtful through the post to someone but were surprised when I told them a 3 month subscription to the Cake Slice Club  (one slice of cake per month) was £24.
Having considered this myself and having read through the website, I can see that this is not unreasonable for the service and the product you receive.
To see that everything is handmade and not just churned out in a big commercial factory has swung this for me.

I think this is a great idea for a really unusual gift for someone who is tricky to buy for or who doesn't live nearby and I'll definitely keep them in mind when birthdays and special celebrations come round!

Thanks to The Cake Nest for offering this item for review


  1. £24 sounds a lot for 3 slices of cake, £6 a slice... but when you consider the postage per slice would be £2.80, then you need to add on to that the cost of the packaging too you are paying less than £3.20 for a slice of cake, which many places charge a lot more for and it is usually disappointing.. the price is very reasonable.

  2. Now that's one birthday/Christmas present I'd love to receive! :-) xx