Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Weekend roundup

Ok, i know it's way past the weekend now but I had such a random and busy weekend i thought I'd tell you about it!

Saturday started with having to drop my Dad to a town about 30 mins away to collect his car. I got to drive our ailing truck so it was a gamble as to whether I would make it home or not! 

When I got back, I took BH for a spin round the block. We bumped into a neighbour while we were out who said he'd discovered his dog likes to sing along to classical music. It had to be classical though - no Radio One or Two! 

I took Fern to the beach at lunchtime as it was low tide.
She had a complete meltdown at someone flying a kite....
I didn't even see the kite initially as it was way above us and horses don't normally see what's above them so maybe she saw the string. Who knows! 
Anyway... We had to reverse at speed back up the beach trying not to squash anyone and then have a bit of a discussion about how kites are not deadly, horse eating predators! 
Eventually the people realised that it was the kite terrifying her and reeled it in.

After that she made a lot of fuss about the shadows on the sand and the rocks we had to walk past. It was pretty irritating but she was very wound up by this point!
We spent 15 minutes galloping around and splashing through the water (getting hailed and rained on!) before jogging all the way back to the trailer.

The only picture of our beach ride.... back at the trailer!
When I got home and turfed the horses back out, I took the horse trailer to where I work and spent 2 hours pressure washing it inside and out only for it to get filthy again on the way home *siiigh*

Clean(er) trailer in the rain...
The weather on Sunday was horrendous! I was supposed to be meeting Michelle up on the moors for a dog walk but we decided not to thankfully! 
It would have been nice to have a lazy day in front of the fire but it never happens!
I let the horses in out of the rain during the day so had feeding and mucking out to do. I sorted through and washed an entire net full of mushy, slimy, manky carrots for them (I cooked a few for my dinner later and they were edible!) 

The dogs and I went down to the barn to try and rig up some fencing to stop the horses getting in but still allowing the sheep inside. It lasted less than 24 hours before the horses had snapped it all - no surprises there! 

After sitting and watching an hour of tv with Dad, he then told me I had to go out and clear the drains in the stable yard immediately so he could then go and do the drains in the barn.
Off I went out into the pouring rain with my sidekicks and cleared the drains... I got soaked and smelly... Delightful!

Later in the afternoon I baked some blueberry cakes (hmmm... Certainly not picture worthy but tasted ok) 
For my dinner I made a huge pot of chili from scratch which was soooo yummy! 

In the end, I didn't get to sit in front of the fire til 8pm just in time for Top Gear! 

Very random weekend but not unusual.

I do wonder sometimes what it would be like to spend a day lounging about in the warm and dry reading a book and watching crap telly...

Pathetic dog!


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  1. I wonder what it would be like to do that too, but i always find an excuse not to sit down until the evening. Sounds like a wonderfully busy weekend though! Oh my goodness, not those dreaded horse eating kites!