Monday, 16 February 2015

Winter Game Changer - The Peacock Hand Warmer

Oh my!
Whyyyy have I not bought one of these before now?!

Recently I treated myself to a Peacock Hand Warmer.

"What is that?" I hear you ask!
It is a magical device that you fill with lighter fuel and hold a flame to it and then it keeps hot for hours but without a flame.
If you want to know how the magic happens, there's some more information here.

My neighbours swear by theirs and take them out hunting, shooting and dog walking. 
As I have been doing a lot more riding up on Dartmoor and dog walking in the cold weather, I decided it was high time to invest in one!

I bought mine for about £21 (here) and the lighter fuel was less than £1.50 for a tin from my local supermarket.

They come in 3 sizes and I decided that a standard size would suit my needs. It is about the size of a pack of cards and about as thick as an iPhone 4 or 5.

Depending on how much fuel you put in it, this can burn for up to 24 hours.
If I put one capful of fuel in, it keeps warm for about 8-12 hours so perfect for a day outside.

I keep the handwarmer in one of my coat pockets and it keeps me toasty warm all day. I can move it to an inner pocket to really warm my core or keep it in an outer pocket if I'm too warm. 
It's great for holding when your hands get so cold they hurt.

I can't recommend one of these gizmos highly enough if you spend a lot of time outdoors walking, riding, playing golf, spectating.... anything!
You can buy spare burners separately if you need to replace it but I hope mine will last many years. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another if I felt the need (one for the other pocket maybe?!) and they would make a great gift too! 
Everyone who has seen mine has said what a fantastic bit of kit it is.... That's Father's Day sorted then!

Seriously... go and buy one! You won't regret it!



  1. Oh my - amazing! I constantly have cold hands out walking the dogs!!

  2. They sound bloody brilliant! I must inspect them.
    M x