Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Making a Doggy Birthday Cake

It's Dixie's 2nd birthday tomorrow so I have made her a birthday cake. 

I made one last year and she absolutely loves it... like... would sell her soul for some! 
I found a recipe on Pinterest and it is so easy to do:


2 tins tuna in oil
2 eggs
160g plain or wholemeal flour

Put the tuna into a bowl and break it all up.

Try not to trip over the dog which is right by your foot gazing intently at you hoping you'll accidentally drop a bit on the floor.

Add the 2 eggs and flour

Mix it all up until it is like a dough/thick paste

Spread out on a large plate.

Put in the oven for about 10 minutes.
I have an Aga so just have to guess when it is ready!

Guard the Aga in case someone dares take the cake out without you noticing...

Take out and leave to cool.

Cut the cake up into treat size bits.
I freeze the bits and use them for treats and training over the next few months.

Ta Daaaa! Doggy birthday cake!

Add a couple of candles and sing Happy Birthday but don't let the dog blow out the candles (or eat them...)


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