Monday, 2 March 2015

My Essential Winter Items!

With Spring just round the corner, we can finally start to look forward to warmer weather after a long winter. We're bound to get a bit more cold and wet weather though!

As you may know, I live on a smallholding so I spend a lot of time outside looking after and riding my horses, feeding the sheep and walking the dogs.
Luckily I work in a nice warm office during the day but after work and weekends I am outside a lot!

Here's some of my favourite bits of winter survival kit:

I have several pairs of wellies but during the winter, I live in my Muck Boots as they are neoprene and so so so warm! I don't need to wear thick socks with them as they keep my feet toasty warm.
I have the style that are suitable for riding in so I don't need to change my boots when I ride.
Because they are neoprene, they stretch over my fat calves with ease!

My other wellies I wear in warmer weather (and most of the time) are Aigle Parcours Vario and they are great. I've had mine about 4 years and they're still going strong. I wear these most days all year round. I was lucky to get them for about £65 but I'm dreading replacing them as they now cost about £120 - they're well worth the extra expense though.

I don't rate Hunter wellies at all anymore. They are no longer made in the UK and the quality of them has deteriorated considerably. The newer models may be better designed but people rather like the original welly boot as a fashion statement.

Coat and Waterproofs
I have had my beloved Harry Hall coat since I was 13 and I love it!
The pockets are full of gloves, baler twine, polos and bits of hay. It is a bit worse for wear but it is lovely and warm although not very waterproof any more!
My vintage coat and a helpful cat...
I also have a Bronte coat which is slightly cleaner and less stinky but I wore it yesterday for the first time since last winter and found my favourite gloves in the pockets and 2 half empty packets of polos.

I have a thinner coat for warmer days or for layering which was supposed to be a "good" coat and not for wearing on the farm... That didn't last long and it is now filthy!

I have a pair of Helly Hansen waterproof trousers which I think I stole from my dad. He doesn't want them back any more now they're covered in mud and used during lambing!
Full waterproofs for a wild walk on the beach!

Neck warmer, Hat and Gloves
I have got a couple of fleecy neck warmers that I wear instead of a scarf. There's nothing worse than a cold breeze blowing down your neck! I usually keep one in the tack room and often leave one in a coat pocket.

I like a hat that covers my ears and I can pull really low. I usually wear a beanie type hat and have several all over the house, stables and my car!

I always wear fingerless gloves in the winter as I'm always using my hands. They keep my hands warm enough and are really useful. My favourite ones have a mitten flap to fold over my fingers if it's really cold.

Head Torch
This is definitely an essential item. When my hands are full carrying feeds, leading the horses and even lambing - a head torch comes into its own!
I have a Petzl Tikka 2 XP and a Petzl Tikka Plus 2 and they are so useful! They aren't cheap at around £45 but they are worth it. 
Petzl Tikka Plus 2

Petzl Tikka 2 XP

Hand Cream
I absolutely swear by the Body Shop's Hemp Hand Cream
My hands get so dry and often crack and bleed during the winter and lambing time when i'm washing my hands in icy cold water a lot.
I put this stuff on at night with a pair of cotton gloves and in the morning, my hands are restored!
I would recommend this to anyone and it has beaten every other hand cream I've ever tried.

Peacock Hand Warmer
This little thing has been a total game changer this winter!
I love it and I can't believe I haven't bought one before.
I wrote a post on it here.

Standard winter wear - ready to head outside!

Right! I'm all ready to go outside in any weather.... are you?! 

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