Friday, 20 March 2015

Spring City Break

I'm off on my holidays next week!

I always save a week's holiday for the end of March as our season at work is flat out from April to October so I won't get away during that time for long!

We're going to Barcelona again and I'm so excited. I'm going with my best friend and our mums so it'll be great to show them around the bits of the city we have seen before and I really, really hope they love it as much as we do! I'm sure they will.

We've booked an awesome apartment in the old part of the city near to lots of interesting places.

I've written a list of places we want to go to but we're only going for 3 nights so I expect it will be hectic!

Dad is in charge of feeding the horses and cats, our neighbours are checking on the sheep (fingers crossed they don't start labing while we're away!) and the dogs are going to their holiday home with my friend and her 3 mad dogs.

It is difficult to get away when you have so many animals to look after but we're very lucky to have some fantastic friends and neighbours who help out and we look after their animals when they go away.

The weather looks a little bit dodgy in Barcelona while we're there but we'll have to hope they get it wrong and we'll have a lovely few days away.

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