Friday, 13 March 2015

Spring is Springing!

I love Spring!

It is my favourite season of them all for these reasons:

  • Lighter evenings - I can start riding after work again!
  • Perfect temperature - fresh mornings and warmer days but not too hot

  • No flies! - As a horse owner, this means the neds can have their rugs off during the day without being bothered by flies

  • The mud is drying! - Less time spent trying not to land on my bum or lose a welly in the bog that is the field gateway!
  • Flowers - I love spring flowers brightening up the lanes and garden after a long dull winter

  • Lambs! - We start lambing at the beginning of April so watch out for cute lambs on my Instagram and in blog posts.

  • Happy people - doesn't everyone seem happier with the promise of some nicer weather?
  • My Birthday - a big one for me this year and a lovely evening planned at my favourite hotel with my favourite people
  • A city break - I'm off to Barcelona for a few days next week and I'm so excited to be going with my best friend and our mums

Tell me why you love Spring too :-)

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