Thursday, 19 March 2015

Westcountry Walkies - Exploring a new route!

Wasn't the weather lovely at the weekend? It was fresh in the morning and pleasantly warm in the afternoon.

As it was such a nice day, I thought I'd do a different walk with the dogs and was contemplating going along the coast path which we haven't done for a while but then I decided it was high time I explored a route I've been meaning to do for ages. 

The town of Salcombe is nearby and there's a place called Snape's Point just across the water with spectacular views of the town and the estuary.

There is a little car park near the start of the permissive footpath (meaning the landowners have given their permission for people to walk on their land but can withdraw it at any time)
We followed a track from the car park. As I didn't know the path, I kept the dogs on their leads as there were fields of ewes and lambs beside the path.
Although the dogs are used to our sheep, I would never trust them with anyone else's livestock.

Once we were past the lambs, I let them off the lead for a bit until we went through a gate into a field as I wasn't sure if we'd find lambs in there as well. 
Luckily, it was an empty field so I let them off again and we climbed to the top of the hill and enjoyed the most spectacular views - almost 360.

We took in the views for a few minutes before setting off on the other side of the point. The dogs had a brilliant time racing about and chasing each other.

As we started to head back uphill towards the car park, there were more spectacular views over towards Kingsbridge.

It was a lovely, relatively easy walk of about 2.5 miles with spectacular views.

I can't wait to go back again!


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