Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Ok, so I've been back a week already and just haven't had a chance to write about our city break in Barcelona. I've been so busy since we got back and had lots of stuff going on.

We had the best time! The weather was mild and dry for a couple of days but a bit damp on our last day!

On our first day, we had to kill time until we could collect our keys so we walked up to Casa Battlo which is one of Gaudi's well known projects in the city. I love all the colours and shapes on this house. The roof is said to be based on a dragon.

In the evening, we went to a local restaurant for tapas - I tried squid and am still alive. Who'd have thought it wasn't that horrible?! I couldn't bring myself to eat the tentacles though!

We hopped on the open top tourist bus for the second day and did the sights. We definitely chose the right day to do it. Spring sunshine and no rain! It's not a cheap option but it is the quickest and easiest way to get around.

I had done my research for new things to see and do so this time that we've not done before. We got off the bus at the MNAC (National Art Museum of Catalonia) and sat on the steps to eat our lunch. The views over the city from here are amazing.

We then had a short walk up to the Olympic Park  where we had a brief walk around. Unfortunately we were pressed for time and weren't able to stay longer. We then walked down the road to get on the cable car that takes you over a lovely park to the Castle of Montjuic right on top of the hill.

The views from the cable car are spectacular. You can see the whole city and the ports. It was around 10€ as we had a discount voucher and it was well worth it.

The castle is excellent with amazing views. It was 5€ to get in but we decided to just walk around the perimeter instead which we really enjoyed. It was about 1km so made a lovely walk.

When we got back down to the main city and ports, we stopped at the Column of Columbus and I had seen that we could get a lift to a viewing platform at the top so 3 of us got in the tiniest lift I've ever seen and were taken to the top. The man taking us up there said it could fit a maximum of 6 people in it but I have no idea how you would fit 6 in! 

There was only enough room on the platform for a maximum of 12 people and we shuffled around looking out of the window. 
The views were amazing but it did feel a little like the top of the column was moving in the wind. It probably wasn't but it did feel a bit funny! 

We rang the doorbell to alert the lift man we wanted to be collected and he appeared a couple of minutes later to take us back down. It was a strange little trip but also really awesome too.

The following day, it was a little drizzly so we did the indoor market, a couple of cathedrals and the museum showing the old part of Barcelona they uncovered when they were restoring a market. It is a bit like the Roman Baths in Bath. Fascinating to see and imagine what it was like.

On our last night, we tried a tiny little restaurant next door to our apartment called Petra and it was lovely. Absolutely tiny and I think we were lucky to get in.
The chandeliers were made of cutlery and the menu was on a wine bottle!

After dinner, I finally persuaded everyone to go to a bar just round the corner that we had the most amazing Mojitos at last time.
We had one and decided that as it had gone down rather well (it was bloomin' strong!), we should have another one!

After 2 Mojitos, we called it a night and S and I hopscotched on the paving and our mothers wanted to go out dancing! We definitely had do bounce off the walls back to the apartment!
Clearly, we can't handle our alcohol very well!

Thankfully we had a lie in the next morning before making our way to the airport!

Tragically, there had been a plane crash the day before that had taken off from Barcelona Airport so it was crawling with press and cameras from all the different news stations.

We arrived back at Gatwick and made our connecting bus with 5 minutes to spare - passport control seemed to take forever!

We got back to my Aunt's house in Brighton just in time for fish and chips before setting off on a very long drive home!


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