Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Happy Birthday Monty Dog!

Today is Monty's 2nd Birthday!

This morning he got 3 new toys and he was so excited, he didn't know which one to play with first. He tried to pick more than one up, but that didn't work so he just picked one and promptly broke the squeaker.

His favourite toys are the Kong Squeezz Jels so I completed his collection.

His first one, he chose himself from the farmer's merchant and it was a pink pig. It was THE best toy ever until orange beaver turned up... Now he's got the frog, the hippo and the koala so we'll have to see who will be the favourite now!

The Kong toys are really good and really tough and the squeakers are nigh on impossible to break. It won't surprise me if the squeaker starts working again in the koala....
Lunchtime update: it's squeaking again! 

They have got some of Dixie's left over birthday cake for treats today as we're in the middle of lambing so didn't make him his own cake (I know... I feel terrible!) but he's super happy with his new toys and we had a ball game in the field this morning.

Happy Birthday Mr. Monty dog!


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  1. Happy birthday Monty! You lucky hound you!
    I'll have to invest in those Kong jobbies.
    M x