Monday, 1 June 2015

7 Questions Tag - Coast Facts

The coast path at Bolberry

I recently got tagged by Claire of Everywhere You Look to take part in the 7 questions Coast Tag inspired by The National Trust Coast Facts

What's your favourite Beach?
It's got to be Wonwell or Mothecombe beach on the Erme Estuary. We can take the dogs there all year round and I love riding there as well!

Sea or Sand?
I hate sand and I'm not that keen on the sea either so I can't decide which is the lesser of the two evils. I have a lot of respect for the power of the sea and it's got seaweed and monsters in it and sand just gets everywhere.

Tell a memory of being by the sea.
There isn't one that springs to mind. I guess the best memories are galloping my horse flat out along Mothecombe beach pretending I was Tatum O'Neal in International Velvet!!

What's your favourite seaside food?
Surely everyone's favourite is fish and chips?! Preferably with half a jar of tartare sauce as well!
If we have a BBQ on the beach, a nice burger always goes down well with my cider!

Favourite Ice Cream Flavour?
Rum and Raisin or Chocolate although when I was in Barcelona, they had Mojito flavoured ice cream which had to beat everything hands down!

Have you lived by the sea?
Yes, I currently live a short distance from the lovely coastline of the South Hams in Devon and I love it here. Being by the beach is a little wasted on me but I do appreciate the stunning views from the coast path.

Favourite place on the coast?
The South Hams! We really are very lucky where we live here to be surrounded by some beautiful coastline and for those that like the beach, there are some nice beaches and seaside towns like Salcombe nearby. 

I now tag Life out of London, The Cup and SaucerMade in Hunters and anyone else who wants to take part in this tag!

Pretending I'm in International Velvet

Bantham Beach and Burgh Island


  1. As much as I love the coast, I'm with you, sand and sea, I don't particularly like that much. Especially the sea, it's a bit too scary for me!

    ~ K

  2. Oh you and the sand!!! You've given me a new favourite beach though so there's that!!!
    M x