Monday, 22 June 2015

Take That..... Twice!

In mid June, I flew (ooooh, fancy!) up to London with Mother and a friend to go and see Take That at The O2.

We had a fabulous couple of days in London and Take that put on the most amazing show.
I have seen them on their previous 2 tours so know what amazing showmen they are so we have been so excited about going to see them again!

Flying up is definitely the way to get to London from Devon. It was cheaper than a train and took an hour! I'll definitely look at doing it again next time I need to go to London!

We came back from London on a massive high and their albums have been playing non stop ever since!
You don't even have to be a fan of Take That to enjoy their shows - you get caught up in the atmosphere and you know all their songs anyway because they're on the radio all the time. I love watching the men who get dragged along looking all shifty at the start but by the end, they're all clapping and singing and having a great time!

Take That were advertising a screening of their live show into cinemas around the world so of course, I had to check it out when we got back!
Worryingly, a lot of the seats were already booked up so I had to book straight away so we could go and see them again 2 weeks after we saw them live.

Mother and I invited our neighbours to come who jumped at the chance so we all trundled into Plymouth on Friday evening for another night of Take That.

The whole cinema was on their feet singing at the top of their voices and dancing away. It was strange because you're so used to being super quiet in a cinema.

It was good seeing them on the screen because we got to see some of the detail that we couldn't see from our seats in The O2 at the live show.

I can't wait for the DVD to come out now!!


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  1. C was one of those men! He was LOVING it by about two songs in!

    The flight is great right? Well worth it.
    M x