Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Misty Mornings in the Mad House

I recently had my friend's 3 dogs and 2 horses staying with us while they were at Glastonbury.
We already have 2 horses and 2 dogs so it was absolutely mental as you can imagine!

The herd of space cadets - Zak is behind Dave
Only 2 horses need exercising luckily so I have been getting up early to ride Fern before work then riding A's horse Zak after work.
They all arrived on Tuesday evening and in my excitement/wisdom, I had entered Zak for a local one day event (dressage, show jumping and cross country) at the weekend so I had 3 days to learn to ride and jump him - I'd never sat on him before!
We came 4th on a very misty foggy day so I was really pleased!

Zakie and I make it across the finish line!
We also had Zak's companion Dave, staying as well who is a small black pony who looks very cute but is a little monkey. He was kicking the crap out of poor BH but it was quite amusing to watch because BH is easily twice his size and being bullied by a small hairy creature.

Dave - cute hairy little bully!
All the horses got on really well and every morning when I went over, all 4 would be laying down flat out. Because the grass is so long at the moment, you could barely see them and the misty mornings didn't help!

Spot the BH - you can just see his face just left of the centre

BH and Zak awake

3rd horse awake! Fernie

All 4 snoozing neddies
Now they've gone home, my horses have been calling for them and A said they have been calling for mine. 
They'll be very welcome to come and stay again!

The 5 dogs all get along really well but it was chaos trying to organise them all for a walk!

The pack on an early beach walk



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