Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Westcountry Wars! Devon vs. Cornwall

There is a long standing rivalry between Devon and Cornwall which can get very heated sometimes!
Cornish and Devon Flags

The main argument probably has to be the 'Cream or Jam first on a scone' debate! 

If you're in Devon, the correct way is cream first then jam. The cream sticks nicely to the scone and allows the jam to stick on top. 
You wouldn't put jam on your toast first and then butter it would you? 

The Cornish (ahem, wrong) way to do it is jam first then cream which we all know to be daft because the cream slides off the jam! 
Some say you can get more cream on it this way but I doubt it.

Do you know how to tell if a pasty has been made in Devon or Cornwall?

In Devon, the seal is usually across the top of the pasty and in Cornwall, the seal is traditionally around the side. 
Devon Pasty
They say that this was for the tin miners to hold with their grubby hands while eating the rest and then they'd chuck the crust away.
Cornish Pasty
A really traditional cornish pasty has a sweet section at one end such as apple sauce so you have your main meat and veg bit of the pasty then a little sweet section for afters!

Tourists have different names in the two counties. In Devon, you'll hear the phrase "grockles" and in Cornwall, they're known as "emmetts".

I would say these are the main differences that crop up fairly regularly but the Devon/Cornwall rivalry is usually amicable but I have seen some heated exchanges in my time down here over which is the best county (Devon.... Obvs!!) 

Another little factoid for you - the Devon flag was only created in 2003 after an internet poll. More info here.

Are there any funny little rivalries where you live? Tell me!


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