Monday, 3 August 2015

Animal Communication and Reiki Healing

I recently had an animal communicator and Reiki healer lady come out to see the horses.

I would describe myself as open minded about alternative treatments and methods as I know other people really believe in them and have had success. I'm not a total sceptic despite having a science degree and being a lover of facts and research based evidence!

I had a different lady communicate with BH when I first got him so I was interested to see what this other lady would have to say.
I didn't tell her anything about the horses or their histories at all and she picked up some amazingly accurate stuff and I found what she said very emotional and was really holding back the tears.

I won't go into too much detail of what she said as it was very personal but some of the things she said were how much BH loves me and is very protective of me. He understands his legs and body are failing him but he accepts it and all he cares about is me and how I'm feeling.
She mentioned a couple of names of people and said I must catch up with them or that they were thinking of me.

Fern didn't trust her enough to open up much but she has also had an horrific past and terrible abuse so this is why she shuts down and goes into herself quite often. 
She said we need to refocus and start enjoying ourselves again to help Fern take her mind off her past so I have taught Fern something new which she was good at, we went for a lovely long ride and we have also been to the beach so we've been really enjoying ourselves.

The lady did some Reiki on BH and I've had no experience of Reiki before but it was amazing. She never touched him but he was obviously feeling something especially in his bad legs. There was also so much heat coming off of him - he was like a furnace!

It was absolutely fascinating and very moving. I was so impressed that she has been out since and she's coming again.

I will be interested to see how we progress.

Have you had any experiences like this?


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