Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Flying lessons....

My naughty horse threw me off.
I have told him he will end up in burgers...

I was riding BH in the field at home and he was absolutely wired. I hate it when he's like that because it feels like I'm sitting on a grenade that could explode at any moment.

He was being a stress head but he began to calm down and listen a bit so I asked him to go a bit faster and it just blew his braincell right out of his head and we had a bit of a rodeo and I flew off and hit the deck!

That is the second time in 7 years I have come off him. The first time was when I ended up with a brain injury over 5 years ago.

I did get straight back on and do a bit with him but he was still being a moron so I called it a day shortly afterwards.

It's the day after and I hurt! My foot has got a nice dark bruise on the heel and I just feel pretty battered. It's no fun falling off....


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