Friday, 11 September 2015

A Weekend in Somerset

The last weekend in August was our annual trip to Pontispool Equine Sports Centre for their 3 day camp.
We'd been looking forward to it for soooo long!

We trundled up the M5 and stopped in our favourite place for our traditional pre-camp breakfast at Sheppy's Cider Farm near Taunton. 
I can't recommend their cafe enough - if you're passing Taunton or are even looking for a motorway stop that's about 5/10 mins off the motorway then go here!!

We arrived at camp waddling through the gates after our huge breakfast and checked which stables we had been given.
Every year, we ask for the same stables which are the furthest away from the main yard and they are next to a hedge overlooking the arenas.
This year, we had been put in the same block, but on the other side looking into the busy main yard and the vehicle thoroughfare.
We went over to the office and asked if, as we were the only 2 in the entire block of 8, we could move round to the other side because we like the horses to have a bit of peace and quiet and we're also a little antisocial!
Our wish was granted so we bedded down the 2 middle stables which meant we had an end stable each for storing all of our junk. Luxury!
There happened to be an old bench just near the hedge so we pinched that to put in our 'private yard', hung A's radio she'd brought from the door and put the ciders in a bucket of water to cool down. 

The view from our stables

My beautiful horse

Amazing sunset

I managed to put all our human gear in the wrong cabin so we had to relocate when we realised we were in the cabin next door.... ooops!

We were very lucky with the weather and managed to avoid getting really wet while we rode. The one time it rained a little bit, the rain was evaporated before it hit our skin because we were so hot from working hard!

I have to say I was so pleased with Fern all weekend; she was agreeable and seemed to really enjoy herself. Normally any jumping is a huge battle of wills but she was so good all weekend! We had a different instructor who absolutely adored Fern but she didn't get to see the usual argumentative hormonal madam that she usually is!

I was so proud of our achievements all weekend and I was really proud of A and her horse - they are unrecognisable and have so much more confidence in each other.

I love this picture of A and Zak. So proud of them both!
The highlight of the weekend was jumping an 'owl hole' fence where you jump through a hole. It took several attempts but we bloomin well did it and I was so pleased!

She did it!!
A and I asked the photographer to get some nice shots of us galloping so we found a lng grass strip and set off one at a time down it at a flat out gallop.
I haven't had that much fun for ages! I couldn't stop and was just laughing my head off as we thundered up the strip. 
We turned back and F took off again absolutely flying! We had to go up and down several times before I could stop.
That, to me, is what horse riding is all about - pure freedom and the thrill of going so fast on a big animal. I had no worries in the world at that moment; just pure love and laughter with my horse and my best friend.

The best time with my amazing horse and my best friend
We rounded off our fabulous weekend with the showjumping competition where Fern and I came 3rd and A won!!  
We were bursting with pride and both nearly crying!

What a fabulous weekend. I can't wait to go back! 


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