Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Westcountry Walkies - The Moor!

We are so lucky to have Dartmoor not far from home to be able to visit. It is absolutely stunning, has amazing views, a varied landscape and can be enjoyed by all. It can also be bleak, cold and scary but it all adds to the mystery and appeal.

I have a few places I like to visit on the south side of the moor and they are really enjoyable walks.

The War Horse House is an easy walk of about a mile to the house where they filmed War Horse. Last time I went here I did a big loop of 3 or 4 miles which was a nice change and I'm keen to do it again soon.

There is a place with a lovely little brook bubbling through the bottom of a big dip. It is rocky and a bit boggy in places but it is always a nice walk and I particularly enjoy climbing on one of the stone piles and taking in the view.

Burrator Reservoir is not far from the War Horse House and we did this recently. There is plenty of parking and we did a little loop round some easy stone tracks, dibbled in the river and enjoyed a delicious ice cream from the van in the car park.

Ugborough Beacon is spectacular. It is a bit of a slog up to the top but the views are definitely worth it!
I have been up here a couple of times on my horse but went during the summer when I could take my DSLR.
I tried to set up the timer on the camera and run back to a rock without breaking my ankles and get the dogs in position for a photo before it took a picture but it was mostly unsuccessful but hilariously funny!
From the top, you can see the sea in Torquay direction and all the way round to Plymouth. 

I went to Haytor with Michelle but we didn't climb to the top so I shall definitely have to head back there soon to explore further.

The Avon Dam is also another good walk for those wanting a very easy mooch. There is a tarmac road all the way to the dam so it is easy but a little boring.

I have had several months off from Geocaching and there are so many caches on the moor, it gives me a great reason to get out with the dog and explore some new places.

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