Friday, 14 October 2016

Life catch up

I am hopeless at updating this little bit of t'internet - sorry!

A little update....

Princess Tiggs on her throne!

My horse has finished her 6 weeks of rest so can start doing a bit of walking out again.
As I couldn't go to camp this year, I went up for the day to hang out with my friends and watch their lessons. I had a really good day with them and the weather was stunning! 

I have been on some lovely dog walks and am enjoying exploring new routes. 
We had a lovely walk up on the moors with a stunning view as our reward for the hike to the top! 
You can see all the way round from Torbay to Plymouth/Cornwall. Stunning! 

Ivybridge - Filham Park evening walk

Excuse the hand! Looking over South Brent to Torbay

The South Hams

Ugborough Beacon

Sunset walkies

The puppy is getting on ok at agility training. She loves the A frame but is not so good at the tunnels! 

She has realised she can jump over the baby gates in the house so I have had to put a second gate above one on the kitchen door to stop her jumping out! 

Naughty little dog

We are off on a little holiday next week to Somerset where I hope the cider will be plentiful! We are taking the dogs so we should have a nice time chilling out and dog walking. Lovely jubbly!

I have spent some quality time with my closest friends recently as one is off to work in New Zealand for a few months. We shall miss him while he's gone but look forward to a really good catch up when he's back! 

Teaching E the joys of snapchat - struggling with my verrrry dirty front camera!

I have a couple of days out in the pipeline including Coleton Aglow, a Cornish Winter Fair and the Equine Fair

I recently took part in the Race For Life Pretty Muddy which was great fun and I have decided I must try and go for a run at least once a week, preferably twice! 
I have registered for Parkrun so I just need to be brave enough to go along one day! 

Pretty muddy!

I had an enjoyable walk/jog with the dogs last weekend and stopped for a delicious mochaccino afterwards so undid all the good work! 


Thursday, 8 September 2016

Pupdate 3

Tiggs is now 8 months old.

Her favourite things are: chewing the conservatory chairs, her raccoon, the horses ball, her tent in the garden, racing around like a demented thing, stealing stuff - she's moving on from shoes and now likes to steal bras as well - she patrols round like she's won the lottery - such a little thief!

We are still trying to crack the toilet training - so close, yet so far! She's 90% there I think.

I have signed us up to a beginners agility course. I did it with Dixie and enjoyed it so thought I'd give it a go with Tiggs.
Unfortunately Tiggs isn't the brightest crayon in the box and she's not very coordinated so I'm not expecting much from her.
Our first lesson was good and thankfully she wasn't the worst there! There may be hope for her yet!

We have been going to local dog shows and having a good time (except the shows where they take it too seriously - boring!).

We had a failed attempt at dog racing at Totnes show but had another go at a local fun evening and she won! I should probably admit that there were only 2 in her class and the other dog ran straight back to his dad! 

Maybe we will practise our dog racing and try again next year!

I have ordered a GoPro dog harness so I'll see if I can balance the camera on her bony back and get some footage.

Tiggs is the sweetest, most loving little dog and we love her very much - if only she could stop eating and stealing our belongings!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Broken pony

Poor Fern has hurt her leg and has to have 6 weeks off games.

She had to have an ultrasound scan on her legs to check the injury and you could see little holes in the damaged ligament. I dread to think what the vet bill will be!! 

We have been really enjoying the last few weeks because the stubble fields have finally been cut, permission obtained from the farmer and we were loving having a good blast round the open fields.
I was practising our jumping and getting ready for the local show and going to Horse Camp in a couple of weeks time.
Sadly my summer is now over and Fern must rest up. No camp for us which I've been looking forward to for over a year! 

Hopefully I can get her fit enough to get out hunting a bit later this year but I won't be rushing into anything. 

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Summer Fun

Every weekend throughout the summer, you will find some sort of event on. From village fetes to big agricultural shows, there is always something to do.

Recently, I went to Totnes Show with Michelle and the dogs for a lovely day out in the blazing sunshine.
We mooched about, had a professional photographer do a photoshoot of the dogs (can't wait to see the finished articles!), checked out the stalls selling anything from garden benches, dog coats and beds, bird boxes and many other things including tractors and cars!
Unfortunately, dogs weren't allowed in the food tent (despite us trying to smuggle 4 dogs in there - we got caught) so we weren't able to sample the many varieties of cider and cheese on offer - which was probably a good thing really!
The agricultural shows usually have horses, sheep and cattle classes so there's plenty to look at.

The terrier racing is always hilarious - The dogs have to chase a lure from one end to the other - picture an arena full of dogs of all shapes and sizes, lots of barking and when they are let go to chase the lure, dogs scattering in every direction possible!
I took the puppy in but because she's a whippet, they put her in the last section for sighthounds due to the crazy speeds they go. There were only about 6 in her section compared to the other hugely popular sections for terriers and any other variety.
They brought the lure along the line trying to wind the dogs up a bit and when the flag dropped, I let Tiggs go, thinking she'd at least chase the other dogs even if she didn't understand what the lure was about.
Erm.... yeah.... she went about 2 steps in front of me then just stood there not knowing what to do!! Useless! We definitely need to do some practise!
It was hilarious though - I was worried I wouldn't be able to catch her after the race - I certainly wasn't expecting her to not run!!

A lot of these events run a fun dog show and I always love to enter and I try not to be too competitive!

At Totnes show, Tiggs came away with a 3rd in Prettiest Bitch and Monty came 3rd in the Fancy Dress! 
We did another class at a local village event at the weekend and Tiggs won the prettiest bitch class and won a goody bag which she was very pleased with!
Our dog food provider had a stand so I treated both the dogs to a special doggy ice cream and we sat in the sun enjoying the atmosphere.

I strongly recommend going along to any local events if you want to do something a bit different. It's great to support them and you'll have a fun day out.


Monday, 13 June 2016

Pupdate 2

Tiggy is now 5 1/2 months old and turning into a great little dog.

Still got ridiculous ears

She seems to have momentarily paused growing but no doubt she'll shoot up again soon. I just bought her a beautiful new "grown up" collar but she could do with growing into it a little more!

She is still really naughty but super sweet. She loves the rare occasions she's allowed on (in) my bed and I love it when she finally switches the 'maniac' button off and goes to sleep!!

She is still not very good at recall but will usually come to the whistle. Still very much a work in progress and we're going to seek professional help because she is a wilful little toad and if she's busy/tired/cold then she won't listen at all and has been known to just run back to the car.

She still loves thieving shoes but doesn't eat them luckily. She is particularly fond of my slippers and flip flops at the moment and I often have to search for my missing shoe or just wear odd shoes until they are tracked down (middle of the lawn currently popular).

We go to group puppy training classes on a Monday which is generally rather embarrassing as she leaps about like a kangaroo all lesson, winds up the other dogs and doesn't listen. she is good at recall in the class though which is deceiving.....

She loves racing around like a lunatic and is growing in confidence around water. She will voluntarily go in up to her chest but hasn't swum yet. She fell in the stream a couple of days ago but she was playing with a spaniel puppy, rolled in backwards and got a total dunking but it didn't put her off. She just carried on chasing him!

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Bluebell walks

In the last few weeks, the bluebells have been in full flower and looking amazing. We're down near the coast and they came out much earlier than the ones up on the moor.

We have a lovely walk near us which I went on recently because last year there were loads of bluebells and I got some lovely photos. Alas! This year there were hardly any bluebells which was a shame but we still had a really lovely walk - I really should go there more often!

I eagerly waited for Michelle to get back from her holiday so we could take the hounds up to the moor for a walk one evening as there is an amazing spot up there for bluebells and it's not a woodland area - just a carpet of bluebells and I had to show Michelle this amazing spot!

A couple of weeks ago, we ventured up to Holwell Lawn near Haytor Rocks and we weren't disappointed. It was just stunning!

We went after work so the sun was lower; it was peaceful and we didn't see a soul until we got back to the cars - bliss!

The dogs had a fabulous time thundering about and swimming in the water jump - Holwell Lawn belongs to the South Devon Moorland Pony Club so is full of jumps to dream about flying over. 

If you love taking photos and walking dogs, this is the perfect walk for you!


Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Devastated by Fire

There was a massive fire at my work last weekend.

I work for a marquee company and our barn caught fire in the early hours of Saturday morning and it was such an inferno, nothing in the main barn survived.

Thankfully our office is across the yard so was unharmed and we had two fairly simple marquees out on hire so we have a little bit of kit left but we lost about 85% of our stuff. 

We had a load of brand new kit in stock ready for a really busy summer and it's all gone.
It is just the most awful thing to happen and at the worst possible time of year. We are all totally devastated. 

We are very lucky that everyone has been so helpful and our competitors have stepped in to take on our jobs at the last minute and all the kind words we have received have meant so much to all of us.

We are definitely going to fight back from this and we'll be back for the 2017 season with all new kit and a new barn!

Saturday, 7 May 2016


We'd definitely forgotten how much hard work puppies are!
12 weeks old

12 weeks old with a long suffering Monty dog!

Shiny healthy puppy

You will be my friend!

12 weeks old - frog legs

Frog legs!

12 weeks old and looking for trouble
Miss Tiggs is coming on well though and is so darned cute. We get stopped and complimented on her on every walk we do and she is not doing too badly with her training. We still need to nail the house training a bit and get her to tell us when she needs to go out. I've decided she's just a bit dim though so I reckon it will click one day - hopefully soon! She's 90% there so it's not too bad.

Her and Monty are getting on so much better and are good playmates and partners in crime now but he still won't share his bed and he does get annoyed with her being in his face sometimes - fair enough I think!

Her favourite things at the moment are:

 - shoes... all of the shoes! She doesn't chew them, just collects them!
 - sneaking off to eat the cat food
 - chewing the wicker bed to pieces
 - eating sheep poo
 - running around with bits of dead grass/dry poo/sheep wool
 - annoying Monty
 - getting in Monty's bed to annoy him
 - stealing Monty's favourite toy out of his mouth
 - running around like a loony
 - sleeping

She eats like a horse and is growing like a weed - she's very lanky and is still working on the coordination of those 4 long legs!
15 weeks old

16 weeks old

I've got a whistle I'm trying to introduce for recall purposes so when she bogs off across a huge field, I can use the whistle to call her back rather than screech her name.
So far she's pretty good when I call/whistle her but we definitely need to work on it more to reinforce the response.
Coming when called

4 months old - coming when called

4 months old

We have been for a couple of walks with Michelle and her spaniels who get a bit over excited and have chased Tiggs a bit but she's so submissive she doesn't do herself any favours - she could easily outrun them if she wanted to!

Tiggs is now 4 months old and proving to be a very loving little dog with a great temperament. I'm definitely a whippet fan now I own one!
She's been to the pub a handful of times and has been well behaved and quiet each time so that's good - let's hope she keeps it up.
Those ears!

Looking like an Aardvark at 4 months old

We're hoping to go to our first dog show soon so we'll see if they love her as much as we do!