Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A Sad Loss

We lost our dear old sheep Nobby at the weekend. 

The weather has been so bad for so long, it drew all his reserves and he went downhill very quickly.
Mother and I managed to build a makeshift shelter for him on Saturday and we got him in and covered him right up with straw to warm him up and dry him off but sadly it wasn't enough and he died during the night.

Nobby was born in 2008 and was rejected by his mother so we brought him up to the house and he stayed in front of the Aga for a few days to get his strength up.
He was a pain in the behind though - he kept getting out of his nest in the middle of the night and getting stuck on the slippery kitchen tiles so would bleat really loudly until I came to rescue him... only to do it again not long after! 
This is why he got called Nobby.... because as a baby, he was!

We hand raised him, bottle feeding him and a few other orphans until he graduated to being part of the flock.

He has always been our tamest sheep and although no use for breeding, we kept him as a companion and pet and he would be the first to mug you for nuts at feeding time and walk by your side when rounding up all the others.
He used to like a scratch between his front legs and around his horns.

We have refused to send him for meat all these years because he was a character so when we moved house recently, Nobby and 2 old ewes came with us to help keep the grass down and I was looking forward to many more years of his company and being mugged at the gate. Sadly that is not to be. The ewes are not tame so won't come very close.

Sheep are quite difficult to keep alive so I wasn't shocked by his death, just really down about it because he didn't deserve it. He had years left. I wouldn't have been as sad if it was one of the ewes that died.

Rest in Paradise dear Nobby

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