Wednesday, 24 February 2016

New Lambs

I'm a sucker for waifs and strays....

I advertised on some farming Faceache groups that I would like a cade lamb to hand rear after the loss of dear old Nobs.

A lovely lady not too far away messaged me saying she would let me know if she got any orphans at lambing time but did I want a couple of last year's waifs?
They are Wiltshire Horns which is what we have always had.

A wether (castrated male) and a ewe which just never grew much but she was too soft to shoot them. They were no use to her as there was no meat on them and the ewe was too small for breeding just yet.

She was giving them away to a good home so Mother and I borrowed a van and tootled off to get them last weekend.
It turned out the big van was absolute overkill and we could have easily fitted them in the car they were so small!

Meet Rosie and Jim!

Jim is at the front with the big horns and Rosie is the little timid one.

They are very sweet but a bit flighty still. They are living in an old shed with access to the paddock. Our 2 older ewes are being a bit mean to them so they are separated at the moment.

Hopefully they'll grow a bit more and help keep the grass down a bit.

We also have a new addition arriving next week but I'll do another post for that! 


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