Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Meet Tiggy!

We got a new puppy!

At the beginning of March, we went and picked this little munchkin up from a local breeder.
She is a small whippet with champion parents. We decided not to get her papered though as we won't be breeding or showing her.

4 weeks old

Little titch
I made enquiries and was told about a litter that was 4 weeks old so we went to see them and fell in love with one of the two bitch puppies. She was the smallest of the litter and so small she fit in one hand! I went to see them a couple more times before they were ready to leave their mum at 9 weeks.

Now... why on earth did we want a whippet I hear you ask?!

We always thought Dixie had a bit of whippet in her as she used to run so fast and also had a very thin coat and was a total wimp about going outside when wet or cold!
Monty absolutely loves a game of chase even though he has no chance of catching a fast dog so we figured a small whippet would be the perfect addition.

First day home - wearing an old sock!

This bed doesn't look like this anymore...
Monty is learning that she's going to be a good partner in crime when she's grown up. She's very persistent with him and she won't give up until they're best friends.

Trip to the beach

First trip to the pub!

Those markings!
Tiggs is super cute and loves cuddles but for the first couple of nights was up every 2 hours and this has gradually dropped and she now sleeps through til about 7.30! It's like having a human baby in the house.

Veeeery tired!
She has been enjoying her walks and we've tried to get out to lots of new places to experience lots of things. We went for a lovely walk around Saltram House in Plymouth with my friend and her 3 dogs and she met kids, wheelchairs, pushchairs, toddlers, bikes, tractors and all sorts. We're still being cautious about letting her off the lead as the recall training isn't completely solid yet but she seems much more cooperative than a terrier!!

That face...

15 weeks old

The bed has been erm... Personalised!
I'm totally in love with her - she has the sweetest nature and is very entertaining. We have high hopes for this little dog!


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