Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Devastated by Fire

There was a massive fire at my work last weekend.

I work for a marquee company and our barn caught fire in the early hours of Saturday morning and it was such an inferno, nothing in the main barn survived.

Thankfully our office is across the yard so was unharmed and we had two fairly simple marquees out on hire so we have a little bit of kit left but we lost about 85% of our stuff. 

We had a load of brand new kit in stock ready for a really busy summer and it's all gone.
It is just the most awful thing to happen and at the worst possible time of year. We are all totally devastated. 

We are very lucky that everyone has been so helpful and our competitors have stepped in to take on our jobs at the last minute and all the kind words we have received have meant so much to all of us.

We are definitely going to fight back from this and we'll be back for the 2017 season with all new kit and a new barn!

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