Thursday, 9 June 2016

Bluebell walks

In the last few weeks, the bluebells have been in full flower and looking amazing. We're down near the coast and they came out much earlier than the ones up on the moor.

We have a lovely walk near us which I went on recently because last year there were loads of bluebells and I got some lovely photos. Alas! This year there were hardly any bluebells which was a shame but we still had a really lovely walk - I really should go there more often!

I eagerly waited for Michelle to get back from her holiday so we could take the hounds up to the moor for a walk one evening as there is an amazing spot up there for bluebells and it's not a woodland area - just a carpet of bluebells and I had to show Michelle this amazing spot!

A couple of weeks ago, we ventured up to Holwell Lawn near Haytor Rocks and we weren't disappointed. It was just stunning!

We went after work so the sun was lower; it was peaceful and we didn't see a soul until we got back to the cars - bliss!

The dogs had a fabulous time thundering about and swimming in the water jump - Holwell Lawn belongs to the South Devon Moorland Pony Club so is full of jumps to dream about flying over. 

If you love taking photos and walking dogs, this is the perfect walk for you!


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