Monday, 13 June 2016

Pupdate 2

Tiggy is now 5 1/2 months old and turning into a great little dog.

Still got ridiculous ears

She seems to have momentarily paused growing but no doubt she'll shoot up again soon. I just bought her a beautiful new "grown up" collar but she could do with growing into it a little more!

She is still really naughty but super sweet. She loves the rare occasions she's allowed on (in) my bed and I love it when she finally switches the 'maniac' button off and goes to sleep!!

She is still not very good at recall but will usually come to the whistle. Still very much a work in progress and we're going to seek professional help because she is a wilful little toad and if she's busy/tired/cold then she won't listen at all and has been known to just run back to the car.

She still loves thieving shoes but doesn't eat them luckily. She is particularly fond of my slippers and flip flops at the moment and I often have to search for my missing shoe or just wear odd shoes until they are tracked down (middle of the lawn currently popular).

We go to group puppy training classes on a Monday which is generally rather embarrassing as she leaps about like a kangaroo all lesson, winds up the other dogs and doesn't listen. she is good at recall in the class though which is deceiving.....

She loves racing around like a lunatic and is growing in confidence around water. She will voluntarily go in up to her chest but hasn't swum yet. She fell in the stream a couple of days ago but she was playing with a spaniel puppy, rolled in backwards and got a total dunking but it didn't put her off. She just carried on chasing him!

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