Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Summer Fun

Every weekend throughout the summer, you will find some sort of event on. From village fetes to big agricultural shows, there is always something to do.

Recently, I went to Totnes Show with Michelle and the dogs for a lovely day out in the blazing sunshine.
We mooched about, had a professional photographer do a photoshoot of the dogs (can't wait to see the finished articles!), checked out the stalls selling anything from garden benches, dog coats and beds, bird boxes and many other things including tractors and cars!
Unfortunately, dogs weren't allowed in the food tent (despite us trying to smuggle 4 dogs in there - we got caught) so we weren't able to sample the many varieties of cider and cheese on offer - which was probably a good thing really!
The agricultural shows usually have horses, sheep and cattle classes so there's plenty to look at.

The terrier racing is always hilarious - The dogs have to chase a lure from one end to the other - picture an arena full of dogs of all shapes and sizes, lots of barking and when they are let go to chase the lure, dogs scattering in every direction possible!
I took the puppy in but because she's a whippet, they put her in the last section for sighthounds due to the crazy speeds they go. There were only about 6 in her section compared to the other hugely popular sections for terriers and any other variety.
They brought the lure along the line trying to wind the dogs up a bit and when the flag dropped, I let Tiggs go, thinking she'd at least chase the other dogs even if she didn't understand what the lure was about.
Erm.... yeah.... she went about 2 steps in front of me then just stood there not knowing what to do!! Useless! We definitely need to do some practise!
It was hilarious though - I was worried I wouldn't be able to catch her after the race - I certainly wasn't expecting her to not run!!

A lot of these events run a fun dog show and I always love to enter and I try not to be too competitive!

At Totnes show, Tiggs came away with a 3rd in Prettiest Bitch and Monty came 3rd in the Fancy Dress! 
We did another class at a local village event at the weekend and Tiggs won the prettiest bitch class and won a goody bag which she was very pleased with!
Our dog food provider had a stand so I treated both the dogs to a special doggy ice cream and we sat in the sun enjoying the atmosphere.

I strongly recommend going along to any local events if you want to do something a bit different. It's great to support them and you'll have a fun day out.


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