Thursday, 8 September 2016

Pupdate 3

Tiggs is now 8 months old.

Her favourite things are: chewing the conservatory chairs, her raccoon, the horses ball, her tent in the garden, racing around like a demented thing, stealing stuff - she's moving on from shoes and now likes to steal bras as well - she patrols round like she's won the lottery - such a little thief!

We are still trying to crack the toilet training - so close, yet so far! She's 90% there I think.

I have signed us up to a beginners agility course. I did it with Dixie and enjoyed it so thought I'd give it a go with Tiggs.
Unfortunately Tiggs isn't the brightest crayon in the box and she's not very coordinated so I'm not expecting much from her.
Our first lesson was good and thankfully she wasn't the worst there! There may be hope for her yet!

We have been going to local dog shows and having a good time (except the shows where they take it too seriously - boring!).

We had a failed attempt at dog racing at Totnes show but had another go at a local fun evening and she won! I should probably admit that there were only 2 in her class and the other dog ran straight back to his dad! 

Maybe we will practise our dog racing and try again next year!

I have ordered a GoPro dog harness so I'll see if I can balance the camera on her bony back and get some footage.

Tiggs is the sweetest, most loving little dog and we love her very much - if only she could stop eating and stealing our belongings!

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