Friday, 14 October 2016

Life catch up

I am hopeless at updating this little bit of t'internet - sorry!

A little update....

Princess Tiggs on her throne!

My horse has finished her 6 weeks of rest so can start doing a bit of walking out again.
As I couldn't go to camp this year, I went up for the day to hang out with my friends and watch their lessons. I had a really good day with them and the weather was stunning! 

I have been on some lovely dog walks and am enjoying exploring new routes. 
We had a lovely walk up on the moors with a stunning view as our reward for the hike to the top! 
You can see all the way round from Torbay to Plymouth/Cornwall. Stunning! 

Ivybridge - Filham Park evening walk

Excuse the hand! Looking over South Brent to Torbay

The South Hams

Ugborough Beacon

Sunset walkies

The puppy is getting on ok at agility training. She loves the A frame but is not so good at the tunnels! 

She has realised she can jump over the baby gates in the house so I have had to put a second gate above one on the kitchen door to stop her jumping out! 

Naughty little dog

We are off on a little holiday next week to Somerset where I hope the cider will be plentiful! We are taking the dogs so we should have a nice time chilling out and dog walking. Lovely jubbly!

I have spent some quality time with my closest friends recently as one is off to work in New Zealand for a few months. We shall miss him while he's gone but look forward to a really good catch up when he's back! 

Teaching E the joys of snapchat - struggling with my verrrry dirty front camera!

I have a couple of days out in the pipeline including Coleton Aglow, a Cornish Winter Fair and the Equine Fair

I recently took part in the Race For Life Pretty Muddy which was great fun and I have decided I must try and go for a run at least once a week, preferably twice! 
I have registered for Parkrun so I just need to be brave enough to go along one day! 

Pretty muddy!

I had an enjoyable walk/jog with the dogs last weekend and stopped for a delicious mochaccino afterwards so undid all the good work! 


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