Thursday, 2 February 2017

Pupdate 4

Wowee, I have neglected this little corner of the t'internet!

Little Tiggs is now just over a year old. Her birthday was on New Year's Day. She got a onesie for her birthday which she loves! She looks like such a plonker in it but it keeps her warm and happy.

Needless to say they both got spoilt rotten at Christmas and had more presents and treats than us humans! They got a Brussels sprout toy which was really popular and both got new fleeces.

We seem to have finally cracked the house training at long bleddy last!!
Tiggs currently sleeps in my bed with me as it is chilly at night so she sometimes asks to be let out at around 3 or 5 am but I am going to start trying to break this habit so she sleeps through.
When the weather warms up, I hope to get them back to sleeping in the kitchen!

3 mornings a week I get up at 5am to go training so if she gets up, I'll let her out but sometimes she just snuggles down deeper and keeps her eyes closed while I set off in the rain/wind/freezing cold to train outside! I get back in just after 7am and go and wake her up.

Her and Monty get on very well and play well together - he still can't catch her but she does like to entice him into a game of chase. She also likes to entice Jim the ram into playing as well which is funny to watch.
Their current favourite toys are these strange little eggs that have a chick pop out when they are squeezed and squeaked.

I have recently created a local Whippet Walk group on Facebook so we can meet up with other local whippets and enjoy walks and zoomies together. We had our first group walk at Bigbury beach at the weekend and the 6 or so whippets had an amazing time tearing around like lunatics! They can go so fast and they really love other whippets (they probably know they can have a decent competitor in a game of chase!).
The group has proved popular and we all agreed to try and make it a more regular event.

She is getting marginally better at agility but it is slow progress! We won't be at Crufts anytime soon!

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