Thursday, 27 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #4

Ooops - a day late!
Wedding season is just kicking off and work is getting busy but I'm going to stick at it!
This week's wonderful bits were:

Parke National Trust at Bovey Tracey. I took the dogs up here at the weekend and although it was busy, we enjoyed a nice walk and the dogs had a lovely time tearing about and playing in the river. I will definitely go back to explore different routes and sample the cafe!

Working out
I go to Devon Fit Camp at least 3 times a week which is so much fun and I love it.
Last week was my birthday so I got to pick the workout and the playlist. I chose some classic 90s cheesy tunes like Barbie Girl, S Club 7, Spice Girls etc. The workout was quite a tough one but really fun and I think everyone enjoyed it!

I spoke to my best friend on Skype as she is currently deployed with her work. She said she's hoping to be home sooner than expected which is amazing!
Another friend I haven't seen for a while got in touch to ask about coming to ride the horses so of course I said yes - I've missed having company when I ride and she gets on so well with my horses, I know I can trust her and they love her too.

Comedy Show
On Tuesday I went to watch Ricky Gervais perform in Plymouth. I last saw him live about 10 years ago when we were still at Uni. I've never got into any of his TV shows like The Office but his standup is very funny.
I could only get a single ticket so went on my own and sat on the front row right in the centre - thankfully he's not one to pick on the audience!!
His humour is not for everyone but I thought he was hilarious and really enjoyed myself.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #3

NHow was your Easter? I hope you ate loads of chocolate!

This week has been a busy and very eggciting (sorry) one!!

New Car
I saw a car on eBay last week which looked like it could be good so made a few enquiries, went down to the wrong end of Cornwall on Friday, drove it, loved it, bought it, winced at it being the most expensive thing I've ever bought and then caught the train down on Monday to pick it up!
I then spent a couple of hours sitting in holiday traffic (silly me for going down on Bank Holiday!) but enjoyed the drive home in my new car.

This week we explored Lanhydrock National Trust property. On our way back from viewing the car in Cornwall, we stopped at Lanhydrock to walk the dogs and have an early lunch. Needless to say it was packed and there were millions of kids but we had an enjoyable walk in the grounds away from the masses and it made a nice break to the day. I would definitely go back to explore further as we barely scratched the surface.

Food Market
Totnes is one of my favourite towns nearby. It's very alternative and very peaceful. The shops are great and the food is brilliant. At the weekend they had a food market so we popped over to sample some goodies and came away with some amazing slices of pie and a gorgeous sourdough loaf of bread. We were very restrained around the enormous selection of cakes though!!

More Exploring
While we were in Totnes, we explored some of the little side streets and then stopped for a cold beverage on the riverside before setting off for a walk towards Sharpham. The dogs had a lovely time and Tiggs met another whippet and had some crazy zoomies until they were both exhausted!

Bluebells and Whitebells
Whilst out riding over the weekend, I saw some white Bluebells in amongst some normal Bluebells. I've never seen white ones before, only the pinky ones. I got a picture but as it was from horseback, it's not the best.
Have you ever seen white Bluebells before?!

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #2

Happy Wednesday to you! I hope your week is going well and you are excited for a long Bank Holiday weekend!
This week's best bits... I think you'll already know what the number one best bit was.....

The weather
Oh my days!! I LOVE spring sunshine!! It makes my heart so happy - this is my absolute favourite time of year. Warm but not too hot, no flies (can you tell I'm a horse owner?!), the mud is drying and the grass is growing! I even sat out in the garden for a bit and got a little bit burnt!

A new walk
I explored a new walk at the weekend which is not far from home and it was beautiful! I didn't see a soul which is my idea of a perfect walk. The furry dog had a swim and a game even though the river was absolutely Baltic! The bony dog had a paddle but she's not a swimmer. If the weather is really good this summer, I might go further into the river and see if she'll follow me in for a swim. 

Beach walkies
At the weekend, one of my besties was around so we arranged to go for a walk at Bigbury. I haven't seen her properly for ages and our 5 dogs all get on really well so a walk was long overdue!
Bigbury was quite busy but not too bad and the doggies had the best time thundering about like maniacs. Thankfully we managed to avoid any families ending up with a wet sandy dog (or five) in their sandwiches but it wasn't easy!
We went to the pub afterwards and sat in the garden for lunch in the gorgeous sunshine - perfect!

Evening rides
Now the clocks have changed, I am going to make a conscious effort to ride after work regularly. I had my first 'after work' ride this week and it was great! As the evenings get even longer, I will be able to go further afield rather than just round the block.
I am even going to cut back on our dog agility training so I can commit to the horses more. 

First BBQ
Yes, we had our first BBQ of the year on Sunday evening. We should have done it Saturday when the weather was really good as Sunday was a bit chilly. I incinerated everything on the BBQ and we retreated indoors to eat in the warm! 

Have an awesome week and I hope the weather stays warm and dry for just a little bit longer!!

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #1

Well I thought I would jump on the #wonderfulwednesday train!

Recently, I went for a lovely dog walk with my friend Michelle from Life Out Of London who has been part of Wonderful Wednesday for ages. I was saying how I have lost my way with my blog and don't feel as if anyone would be interested in reading it and how I have lots of drafts but then they go out of date and so don't get published!

I had toyed with the idea of doing a weekly post so there's not so much to talk about in one go and it gives me a little structure and timescale to work with.
She pointed out that it is something I can look back on in the future which is very true!

I have in the past done a "Mundane Midweek" but feel Wonderful Wednesday is much more up beat and I can tell you about all the nice things in my life.


This week looks a little like this...

New life on the farm
We have had a single chick born recently and it is soooo cute! We have a motley variety of chooks and this one is a Bantam so a small chicken. More specifically, the mother is a Silkie and the father is a Pekin so I wonder what the chick will look like when it grows up.

We also had a new lamb born a few days after the chick. She is a cracking little lamb who needed my assistance to enter the world but is fit, healthy and strong and enjoys sunbathing, running around and leaping in the air.

We had to move house about 18 months ago and our new house was in a very poor state with the grounds having been left to get wild over several years.
I found some photos of when we first moved there and it really helped to boost our morale when we saw how far we have come in a relatively short space of time. 
The house still leaves an awful lot to be desired but we are waiting for planning approval to hopefully transform it!

Spring walks
I have just had a week off work and have explored some new walks with the dogs which we have really enjoyed.
Yesterday we went on one of our usual walks and the sun was shining, we were the only ones there and it was so lovely and peaceful - bliss!

I have dusted off my DSLR and hope to take it out a bit more to document my surroundings. The next thing will be to do something with the photos like publish them on here or social media for others to enjoy as well!
This is an awesome picture I got of Tiggs last week down on the beach: