Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #2

Happy Wednesday to you! I hope your week is going well and you are excited for a long Bank Holiday weekend!
This week's best bits... I think you'll already know what the number one best bit was.....

The weather
Oh my days!! I LOVE spring sunshine!! It makes my heart so happy - this is my absolute favourite time of year. Warm but not too hot, no flies (can you tell I'm a horse owner?!), the mud is drying and the grass is growing! I even sat out in the garden for a bit and got a little bit burnt!

A new walk
I explored a new walk at the weekend which is not far from home and it was beautiful! I didn't see a soul which is my idea of a perfect walk. The furry dog had a swim and a game even though the river was absolutely Baltic! The bony dog had a paddle but she's not a swimmer. If the weather is really good this summer, I might go further into the river and see if she'll follow me in for a swim. 

Beach walkies
At the weekend, one of my besties was around so we arranged to go for a walk at Bigbury. I haven't seen her properly for ages and our 5 dogs all get on really well so a walk was long overdue!
Bigbury was quite busy but not too bad and the doggies had the best time thundering about like maniacs. Thankfully we managed to avoid any families ending up with a wet sandy dog (or five) in their sandwiches but it wasn't easy!
We went to the pub afterwards and sat in the garden for lunch in the gorgeous sunshine - perfect!

Evening rides
Now the clocks have changed, I am going to make a conscious effort to ride after work regularly. I had my first 'after work' ride this week and it was great! As the evenings get even longer, I will be able to go further afield rather than just round the block.
I am even going to cut back on our dog agility training so I can commit to the horses more. 

First BBQ
Yes, we had our first BBQ of the year on Sunday evening. We should have done it Saturday when the weather was really good as Sunday was a bit chilly. I incinerated everything on the BBQ and we retreated indoors to eat in the warm! 

Have an awesome week and I hope the weather stays warm and dry for just a little bit longer!!

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