Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #3

NHow was your Easter? I hope you ate loads of chocolate!

This week has been a busy and very eggciting (sorry) one!!

New Car
I saw a car on eBay last week which looked like it could be good so made a few enquiries, went down to the wrong end of Cornwall on Friday, drove it, loved it, bought it, winced at it being the most expensive thing I've ever bought and then caught the train down on Monday to pick it up!
I then spent a couple of hours sitting in holiday traffic (silly me for going down on Bank Holiday!) but enjoyed the drive home in my new car.

This week we explored Lanhydrock National Trust property. On our way back from viewing the car in Cornwall, we stopped at Lanhydrock to walk the dogs and have an early lunch. Needless to say it was packed and there were millions of kids but we had an enjoyable walk in the grounds away from the masses and it made a nice break to the day. I would definitely go back to explore further as we barely scratched the surface.

Food Market
Totnes is one of my favourite towns nearby. It's very alternative and very peaceful. The shops are great and the food is brilliant. At the weekend they had a food market so we popped over to sample some goodies and came away with some amazing slices of pie and a gorgeous sourdough loaf of bread. We were very restrained around the enormous selection of cakes though!!

More Exploring
While we were in Totnes, we explored some of the little side streets and then stopped for a cold beverage on the riverside before setting off for a walk towards Sharpham. The dogs had a lovely time and Tiggs met another whippet and had some crazy zoomies until they were both exhausted!

Bluebells and Whitebells
Whilst out riding over the weekend, I saw some white Bluebells in amongst some normal Bluebells. I've never seen white ones before, only the pinky ones. I got a picture but as it was from horseback, it's not the best.
Have you ever seen white Bluebells before?!

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