Thursday, 27 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #4

Ooops - a day late!
Wedding season is just kicking off and work is getting busy but I'm going to stick at it!
This week's wonderful bits were:

Parke National Trust at Bovey Tracey. I took the dogs up here at the weekend and although it was busy, we enjoyed a nice walk and the dogs had a lovely time tearing about and playing in the river. I will definitely go back to explore different routes and sample the cafe!

Working out
I go to Devon Fit Camp at least 3 times a week which is so much fun and I love it.
Last week was my birthday so I got to pick the workout and the playlist. I chose some classic 90s cheesy tunes like Barbie Girl, S Club 7, Spice Girls etc. The workout was quite a tough one but really fun and I think everyone enjoyed it!

I spoke to my best friend on Skype as she is currently deployed with her work. She said she's hoping to be home sooner than expected which is amazing!
Another friend I haven't seen for a while got in touch to ask about coming to ride the horses so of course I said yes - I've missed having company when I ride and she gets on so well with my horses, I know I can trust her and they love her too.

Comedy Show
On Tuesday I went to watch Ricky Gervais perform in Plymouth. I last saw him live about 10 years ago when we were still at Uni. I've never got into any of his TV shows like The Office but his standup is very funny.
I could only get a single ticket so went on my own and sat on the front row right in the centre - thankfully he's not one to pick on the audience!!
His humour is not for everyone but I thought he was hilarious and really enjoyed myself.

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