Thursday, 4 May 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #5

I might have to make this a wonderful Thursday post! Another one a bit late!

I had such a busy week last week and was out every night catching up with various friends and family.

So this week's awesomeness...

I caught up with loads of people last week which was fab. Brunch with a friend at the weekend, Indian with my best friend's parents (she's abroad with work at the moment), pizza and pub quiz with another bestie and a baby shower with a crowd of lovely ladies for my friend E's imminent twins!

Baby Shower
It wasn't as cheesy or American as a baby shower - it was a pre- babies gathering for my friend E who is having twins soon and wanted an afternoon with a load of her friends. 
A local country house had a garden open afternoon so we went along with picnic blankets and prosecco and sat in the sun putting the world to rights. They are such a good bunch of girls and as S is abroad with work, we managed to Skype her from the sunny garden so she could say hello to everyone! It was great to be able to include her!

I am not a runner but I need to get out more as I have entered the ballot for the London Marathon next year.... WHAT!! I have no idea what came over me but a few of us from our training group have entered and they talked me into it. 
I can barely run a bath, let alone a flippin' marathon! 
Now I have got THE FEAR, I have also entered Plymouth's 10k in October which does seem more achievable.
I need to get my injury ridden legs to work a bit better. I went for a little 2.5 mile run round beautiful Saltram at the weekend but was hobbling by the end. Very frustrating but something to work on!

I found a walk really near home that drops down into a small woodland area which is just a sea of bluebells. It was spectacular! Unfortunately the weather was rubbish so I only had my phone camera but I hope to go back before they go over and will take my DSLR.
In a couple of weeks, the bluebells at Holwell lawn should be out so I will be planning a trip with the gorgeous Michelle and the hounds.

Adrenalin Ninjas
Our training camp had a celebration on Tuesday with an evening out at Adranalin in Plymouth. It is run by Corbin Mackin who has competed successfully at the Ninja Warrior UK games.
I didn't think I could manage the Ninja Warrior course so spent my time air guitaring on the trampolines, battling friends on the balance beam and jumping off the platforms onto a giant air bag. 
It was amazing and we all forgot how old we were and had an amazing time - highly recommended!!

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