Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #6

When it comes to writing these posts, I just check my photos on my phone to remind me what I've been up to.
This week, there's not much but I feel like it's been a really busy week!

Badminton Horse Trials
On Saturday, I spent the day at Badminton with one of my best friends and her sister. We spent a few hours shopping and got some goodies, we met LOADS of dogs and had to say hello to most of them - especially the Whippets, Cairns and Daschies!
We then walked the course which is just over 4 miles long. The fences are enormous and some are quite complex. It was great to see the amazing skill of the top riders. 
Thankfully the weather was kind to us as it looks like it was going to be awful right up until the night before but we had a lovely dry day that was the perfect temperature!

When one of our hens went broody, our neighbours gave us some duck eggs to put under her as an experiment. 3 have hatched and they are unbelievably cute! I hope they aren't too confused by having a little chicken for their mum but I'm sure they'll be fine. 

Not much other fun stuff has happened this week - poor Monty dog got attacked by another dog on Saturday and ended up in the vets with a big abscess and the police involved.
I'm now home alone for the next 10 days looking after a million creatures so please feel free to call round with pizza and cider!!

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