Thursday, 1 June 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #7

Did you enjoy the bank holiday?
I enjoyed the extra day off as I was able to spend an extra day with my friends.
The last week has been busy but fun...

Sunshine riding
My friend came over to ride with me at the weekend and we went for a lovely ride on my horses and they both behaved which was a bonus!

Chickens indoors
The chooks have taken to hanging around outside the back door and as soon as it's open, they come in the house looking for food. If you feed them, they will settle down on the doormat for a snooze but I ignored them the other day and then found one in my bedroom! 

Barley walks
The barley fields are nice and long now and one of our walks goes through some. I like to wait until the dogs are ahead slightly then I run up the tracks, crouch down and hide from them. When I whistle, they have to try and find me. It's absolutely hilarious!

We're currently overrun with squirrels and they are trashing the chicken run and house, eating all the food and even had an egg the other day.
I have got a trap and our tally is 7 at the moment in the space of about 10 days.

Pony cuddles
Fern is the most unaffectionate horse ever and will only tolerate fuss on her own terms. I checked on them yesterday and she came strolling over for some fuss and we had some lovely scratches and cuddles for about 20 minutes before she'd had enough and walked off again. I have to make the most of these rare moments!!

Have a cracking week and let's hope the sunshine hangs around just a little bit longer.

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