The Animals

The Horses:

Brown Horse

Brown Horse and Fern are my babies. They are both a similar age and height. They are very different characters and they keep me on my toes with their behaviour and attitude!

I introduced them here but expect lots more tales about them!

The Dogs:

Dixie and Monty
Dixie and Monty are both terriers and are the same age. We got Dixie in March 2013 and Monty 6 weeks later in June 2013.
They are so funny and also very different characters. They are naughty but nice little doggies!

I introduced them here but they will feature regularly as we go exploring the Westcountry on various days out.

Tiggy joined our family in March 2016 and is a little whirlwind. Dixie left to go and live with my brother in the Army in September 2015 so Tiggs is a companion and playmate for Monty. She is a brindle Whippet.

The Cats:

Shmee and Grey Cat are the current residents. Shmee is the last of our 4 kittens we bred and she is 16. Grey Cat must be about 13 or 14.

You may have noticed a recurring theme of animals being called by their colour (Brown Horse, Grey Cat.... who next?!)

The Sheep:

We had to sell our flock of sheep but we were able to keep 3 of them when we moved to our new house.
We have acquired a couple of others along the way so our flock currently stands at 5!

They are Wiltshire Horns and they are special because they moult and don't require shearing. 

The Poultry:
We have a motley variety of chickens and they are all such characters! There's Vera the Vorwerk who is highly strung and there's little Flower the Barbu D'Uccle who is so cute and can be caught for a cuddle.
We have 3 Lohman Browns, 2 Cochins, 2 Pekins, 2 Silkies, a Barbu D'Anvers, a Silkie cross Pekin and 3 ducks.

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